Business Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Texas Surveillance and security is the trusted source for business security cameras in the Houston area. We provide a wide range of commercial surveillance systems to fit your needs and give you peace of mind from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

There’s no limit to the type of business we serve, if you’re in Houston and want a system that’s efficient, affordable, and give you excellent results, give us a call and let us show you the hundreds of options available.

Restaurants, banks, office buildings, manufacturers, distributors and more rely on our 20 years of experience in the security and surveillance industry.

We are the #1 referred and preferred business security & Surveillance expert in Houston Texas

Business Security Cameras Houston Installer

IP Business Security Cameras

We have the largest selection of IP security camera systems for your business.  Whether you want to upgrade your existing system or get a new system installed, our team of security and surveillance experts can help you.

Analog Security Cameras

A wide selection of analog security cameras to fit your needs.  Our Houston security camera integration team will work directly with you to establish a budget, timeline and schedule with the least disruption to your business.

Wireless Security & Business Surveillance Systems

If you need business surveillance systems and cameras installed in a remote location without access to wiring, we offer a wide selection of solar powered surveillance cameras, wireless high megapixel cameras, DVR’s and more.

View a list of the clients we’ve served, and contact our security and surveillance integration team to provide you with a complimentary on-site assessment.

Security and surveillance helps you safeguard the workplace, protect your employees and assets.  Rely on our expertise and allow us to not only meet but exceed your expectations with excellent service and the most advanced business surveillance and security camera systems available in Houston.