Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are a non-invasive way of scanning body temperature.  Your business can use a thermal imaging camera as an effective, efficient tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with elevated body temperatures as they enter the workplace.

How Thermal Imaging Cameras Work

All objects emit some kind of infrared radiation.  It’s one of the ways heat is transferred.  Thermal cameras detect the temperature by capturing and detecting different levels of infrared light which is not detectable to a naked eye.  If the heat intensity is high enough it is detected.

The level of heat detection can be set to a certain degree for the thermal imaging camera to capture.

Body Temperature Camera

If you want to scan all employees entering the building for example with a temperature of 100 degrees or more.  A thermal imaging camera is a great solution.  The thermal camera will detect this heat intensity without you making physical contact with the other person.

Can I Only Add One Thermal Camera?

If you don’t already have a surveillance system with a DVR, at Texas Surveillance & Security we specialize in a full-service business surveillance system solution.  If you already have a security camera system in place, depending on the current DVR you have, we may be able to simply add a thermal imaging camera to your existing system. 

Elevated Body Temperature Camera

Businesses lose thousands of dollars due to illnesses and employees missing work.  Using a body temperature camera to detect elevated body temperatures in the workplace will help you identify a potential problem before it occurs. 

Using this pro-active approach will eliminate the spread of illnesses amongst employees and allow you to use proper mitigation early.

How Much Does a Thermal Camera Cost?

FLIR is one of the original thermal camera manufacturers.  The price will vary depending on manufacturer, camera quality, costs associated with DVR and setup, Etc…

Get a FREE thermal imaging camera quote with our team of professional business camera installers.  We offer 24/7 service and installation which will minimize your business disruption. 

Our team has been serving Texas’s business and industrial sector for multiple decades.  It’s our pleasure to provide you an assessment and a proposal for any type of security camera including thermal imaging cameras.