Reliable CCTV Security Cameras

Looking to monitor what’s going on in the workplace? a CCTV security camera might be the best solution for your business.  Ask our Houston surveillance and security specialists for a complimentary assessment.

How Do CCTV Security Cameras Work?

The signals from CCTV security cameras are not publicly distributed but monitored.  The primary application for a CCTV option is surveillance.

Strategic placement of cameras in the workplace is very important, someone will be responsible for monitoring the camera’s input on a monitor elsewhere.

CCTV Security cameras & Surveillance System


CCTV Surveillance System Features

Although an IP security system is considered as the modern choice.  Some business owners and property managers prefer the CCTV surveillance system, here is a list of common features:

  • Sends video back to a base station or DVR (digital video recorder) via coax or UTP cabling
  • Video is recorded on a physical DVR which can be connected to the internet for remote viewing capabilities
  • Power and network cables run between each camera and the base station
  • Because cabling is required, CCTV cameras all have to be in one location
  • Cameras typically offer lower resolution of 960 x 480, but some systems offer HD resolution
  • Primarily provides video surveillance without advanced features
  • There is a physical limit to the number of cameras that can be added to the network, usually fewer than 12
  • 2-way audio for communication with people on the other end
  • Uses television broadcast signals instead of Wifi or Broadband signals used by IP surveillance

Our company has over 20 years of experience in surveillance and security solutions specifically for commercial, government, and business use.

Before you decide on a system, rely on our experience to provide you with a detailed assessment and proposal to help you make an informed decision.

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