Asset Monitoring Solutions

Texas Surveillance & Security in Houston TX offers a wide variety of asset monitoring solutions, commercial surveillance systems to keep your business secure and safe while keeping the thieves at bay.

Surveillance Asset Monitoring Solutions

Our Sigmax Digital Event Recorder (DER) offers ease of incorporation with Event Management Center (EMC) software to improve the management of captured footage.

With EMC’s motion detection algorithms, the software can easily detect unexpected movement and disruption and automatically cue recording and/or alarm notification.

You can even embed a point of sale-event monitor (POS-EM) interface to provide an enhanced solution for retail environments.

Financial Asset Monitoring System

The Sigmax POS-EM system affords a way to monitor transaction data from a point of sale and monitors the information via the DER system to keep a vigilant watch for exceptions and unanticipated activity.

This system also allows real-time monitoring of video feeds with a text overlay, allowing a simple way to keep watch on checkout areas.

This monitoring is also actively recorded for later review, and with proper deployment allows users to watch for traditional misdirection methods, such as short-changing, substitute scanning and other means of theft.

We also offer a wide range of commercial grade security camera monitoring systems, with many options, such as solar power, thermal imaging, indoor-outdoor and automatic motion sensitivity options.

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