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Improving surveillance and security is the No. 1 investment that businesses can make to deter theft and crime at their location. Fortunately, Texas Surveillance & Security has a wide range of solutions to help improve your security.

ip_camerasTheft and Loss Statistics from the Survey

  • 43.9% of retail shrinkage was due to employee theft.
  • 35.7% of retail theft was due to shoplifting.
  • 96% of all retailers have been victim to retail theft in the last year.

According to a National Retail Security Survey, conducted by the University of Florida and the National Retail Federation, inventory theft cost U.S. retailers $34.5 billion dollars in 2011 alone. With a staggering 96 percent of retailers suffering some sort of theft, including more than 43 percent of those thefts due to employee theft and more than a third from shoplifting activity, the need for regular and active monitoring is clear.

Similar security studies have shown that installing a surveillance and security system can help deter retail shrinkage, theft and vandalism by as much as 80 percent, saving retailers and commercial operations thousands of dollars annually.

“Overall, the cameras — when actively monitored — were effective at cutting down crime. And the savings and benefits of fewer crimes outweighed the cost of the surveillance system,” said Nancy La Vigne, the director of the Urban Institute, which conducted a 2011 survey showing a 20 percent reduction in crime in a Chicago neighborhood after adding surveillance equipment.

Reliable, dependable and high-quality security solutions are our profession. Our two decades expertise as a surveillance and security company gives you the extra assurance that our professionals have the know-how and experience to ensure the security of your operation.

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