Wireless Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

When you need outdoor wireless security cameras or wireless surveillance systems to protect a construction site or hard to reach location, you have options with our Houston security and surveillance company.

We offer choices and we begin by understanding your needs first.  There are some details to consider prior to making a decision on a wireless security camera.

Wireless security systems include various types of cameras that keep your business protected, many offer you the ability to check the feed remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Wireless IP Security Cameras

Get the highest quality in surveillance and security for your business with our wide selection of IP network cameras.  All you need is web access from a phone or tablet to view a high resolution feed.

We offer wireless IP security cameras, pan, zoom or tilt cameras, outdoor IP security cameras, digital video recorders, solar powered security cameras, and more.

Wireless security cameras in the oil field

Preparing to Shop for Wireless Surveillance Systems

  1. Are you interested in a wireless IP security camera?
  2. Are you interested in a Wireless Digital Video Recorder or “DVR”
  3. Do you need an indoor wireless surveillance camera, outdoor security camera or both?
  4. How many cameras do you need?
  5. What is the square footage being covered

Our team of business security system installers are professional, experienced, and will provide you with many options to choose from.

When we hire security camera installers, we hire the best and most experienced technicians.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest commercial security and surveillance services in the Houston area.

View a list of our commercial security and surveillance clients, we’d love to add you to the list.

Contact us for a complimentary comprehensive assessment, we will not only meet but exceed your expectations no matter what wireless security camera solution you choose.