Mobile Surveillance Trailers for Sale or Rent

We sell or rent mobile surveillance trailers and are the supplier of choice in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Our business security and surveillance services are relied upon by clients throughout Texas and the greater Houston area when they want to purchase or rent a mobile surveillance trailer.

Mobile Security Trailer Systems

Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Trailers

We sell or rent units that are 100% solar powered and built to withstand tough weather environments.  The units and surveillance systems will operate in remote areas using cellular signals and networks to provide surveillance.  If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a mobile trailer, contact us for a quote.

Security Cameras Houston

Mobile Surveillance and Security Trailer

Keep an eye on your construction site or remote areas with 24/7 monitoring, day or night.

The deployment is easy and hassle free.  We’ve been providing our security and surveillance clients services for the past 20 years and have worked in oil fields, large development sites, new construction, and many more.  A mobile security camera trailer is an added asset to your equipment.

Mobile Command Center and Houston Security Cameras

Mobile Command Center

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product and service, combined with a commitment to each and every client.

  • Protect your work site
  • Managers and superintendents and view surveillance from anywhere
  • Secure your construction material and on-site assets
  • Save time and money by being on-site while off-site

At Texas Security and Surveillance in Houston, we offer both surveillance trailers and mobile command centers for sale.

Mobile Live Surveillance and Security

Protect, deter and identify is the key to reducing theft at a construction site or oil field.  Doing your due diligence will protect your employees, deter theft, and help you identify areas that need improvement.

When something happens, you’ll want to know immediately.  Live surveillance and security cameras offers you just that.

Our company has been serving the Houston area since 1989.  We only hire the most qualified field technicians and place a big emphasis on continued education and training.  Rely on us for your next mobile trailor purchase.

If you’re interested in getting a complimentary assessment and to find out more about our wide range of mobile surveillance trailers and security command centers to purchase, we’d love to speak with you.

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation or Call Now to speak directly with our surveillance and security experts.