img_derModern security requires modern solutions. With Texas Surveillance & Security’s Sigmax security camera systems, you can be sure that you stay ahead of any threats to your bottom line.

Using the Sigmax Digital Event Recorder and Event Management Center, retailers can stay connected with their security. By monitoring all channels being watched, including audio, video and sales transaction data, any discrepancies can be checked in real time, providing an easy-to-use, active security solution.

These systems are designed to integrate with more than 800 of the most traditional and POS register models from leading manufacturers, providing an easy way to add to your security. Many other equipment can also be monitored with the DER and EMC system, including ATMs, slot machines and other electronic measurement systems found in businesses from banking and environmental monitoring to chemical and scientific research industries.

Designed to integrate simply and easily to most traditional surveillance systems, the Sigmax equipment can be seamlessly added to provide your business with the latest in security with ease. Custom options can also be designed to fit most any business need.

For more information on the Sigmax security camera systems, or to ask about a custom solution, give us a call at 281-326-0790 today.

storeRecommended retail applications for the Sigmax DER system:

  • Convenience stores
  • Service stations
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores
  • Retail fronts
  • Dry cleaners
  • ATMs
  • Weighing bridges
  • Casinos
  • Electronic measurement devices

Sigmax DER Products Give You All These Features:

der-1Optimal Compatibility: The Sigmax Data Capture Box is compatible with the majority of instruments and data devices that are equipped with communication ports.

Simple, Intuitive Operation: Easy-to-use interface for setup, operation, and management.

Cost Effectiveness: Built-in text overlay eliminates the need for expensive text inserters.

Fully Adjustable Text Overlay: With Sigmax, you have control. Configure font, color, dimensions, and position of the overlay. Enable or disable the overlay at any time during live monitoring or playback.

Roaming Exception Reporting: Notify supervisors of exception events as they occur in realtime—locally and remotely.

Instant Event Review: Instantly review any event starting from a few seconds (user setup) ahead of the incident without interrupting live monitoring of the on-going events. Multiple Event Instant Review windows can be opened simultaneously.D.E.R. Screen 2.

der-2Comprehensive Transaction Database: All POS transaction data is stored in a comma delimited format database, capable of retroactive analysis.

Smart Power Search: Search or play back recorded video and audio. Pinpoint any detail using single-camera or multiple-camera mode. Search by event, exception, or your own user-defined criteria.

Image Position Swapping: Eliminates the burden of numbering video cables and is highly useful when monitoring, viewing playback, or exporting multi-channel video.

Multi-Channel Video Exporting: Export video in multi-channel mode for better understanding of an event that was observed by multiple cameras.

Unlimited Scalability: No restriction on the number of sites, data terminals, DERs, or EMCs that can be added to the network as your business grows.