License Plate Recognition – LPR Security Cameras

License Plate Recognition often referred to as a License Plate Security Camera or LPR is a technology available with security cameras that can detect, read, and store a video of a vehicle’s license plate.

About LPR Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a commercial security system to monitor a parking lot, entrance gate, a high traffic vehicle area, or loading docks, the license plate recognition software is a great option.

How Does License Plate Recognition Work?

When the camera captures a video, which is extremely clear. It either stores it for you to view later or it can be compared to your database of stored license plate numbers, alerts can be programmed to notify you if a match is found.

Our Houston License Plate Recognition Security experts are eager to help you with your surveillance needs. We are experienced and have a list of satisfied commercial security clients throughout Texas.

We understand the details involved in getting you excellent results. We insure that cameras are angled properly and installed at the perfect height to capture the license plate number.

Our goal is to study the location, and provide a detailed proposal that takes many factors into account:

  • Distance between cameras and license plate
  • Height of the camera from the capture area
  • Camera angle for clear images
  • Speed of vehicle traffic in the area to insure proper focus
  • Lighting in the area being monitored

The image is useless if not clear, images from a license plate security camera are often used in legal cases as evidence after a robbery or crime has been committed.

Your local police department may need to rely on the images captured by your commercial security cameras, therefore the images must be of high quality, and clarity.

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