7 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Improve Your Business Security

Protecting assets, property, employees, and customers is vital to any small business. While surveillance and security cameras play a crucial role, many business owners overlook other valuable security features throughout their online and brick-and-mortar businesses — even when they trust their staff and clientele. If you want to shore up your business security, here are […]

5 Benefits of Remote Business Surveillance Monitoring

Business surveillance equipment has evolved exponentially in the recent past. Business owners and loss-prevention workers are no longer tethered to a computer to watch camera footage thanks to the remote surveillance revolution. With remote business surveillance, businesses are unlocking the ability to adequately monitor their premises without resorting to added expenses. Plus, business surveillance also […]

4 Business Surveillance and Security Trends in 2024

Business surveillance and security is a crucial aspect of any business. It protects your assets, employees, and customers while deterring theft and vandalism. But like any other type of business product, surveillance and security are constantly evolving. In 2024, some trends will continue transforming the industry, improving small business security in various ways. Learn more […]

6 Benefits of Surveillance and Security for Small Businesses

Surveillance and security are integral to your business’s success. Beyond the obvious — deterring theft and keeping your business secure — the right surveillance and security equipment can add several other benefits to your small business. Discover the advantages of security and surveillance and what it can do for your business beyond basic security measures. […]

Your Christmas Business Security Checklist

Ah, Christmas — the time of year when many businesses record their highest revenues, ensuring a wonderful holiday for business owners, employees, and customers alike. However, despite the increased traffic and sales, some lurking factors can cut into your bottom line: theft and vandalism. As much as these are a concern throughout the year, the […]

How To Prepare Your Business Security for Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner, consumers are out in force to purchase the perfect gift or cash in on deals on Black Friday. In 2022, sales reached tens of billions of dollars, highlighting what’s the most profitable for most businesses around the country. However, the increase in revenue can also be offset by shrink […]

How To Clean Your Security Camera and Lens: 4 Great Tips

You’ve taken the initiative to improve your business security and surveillance by purchasing new security cameras. But like any other equipment, you need to give your cameras a little TLC every now and then. Without a clean camera and lens, you can lose valuable footage or damage the camera itself. As part of your quarterly […]

How To Properly Maintain Your Business Surveillance System

Your business surveillance and security system is a crucial component of safety in the workplace. It protects your valuable assets, employees, and customers all at once. As such, maintaining it is important to ensure its functionality and longevity. Whether you have a newly installed system or an older one, here are some practical ways to […]

How To Train Employees to Improve Your Business Security

Employees are often the weakest link in security. They can unintentionally compromise security measures or fall victim to both in-person and online criminal activity. However, a bit of training can create a proactive approach to protecting your business assets — including your employees themselves. If you haven’t put together a training plan to improve your […]

A Quick Checklist to Improve Your Business Security

If you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to not secure your brick-and-mortar location and your online e-commerce website. According to a Zippia study, around 5% of yearly revenues evaporate due to theft or vandalism by employees, customers, and criminals. That’s a hefty amount, especially when your business is tackling inflation, higher wages, and […]