Megapixel Security Cameras IP Surveillance Systems

IP surveillance systems rely on higher quality images than those provided by a CCTV Camera system.  If you want a clear video with high resolution, megapixel security cameras are critical.

Once your specific needs are identified and the coverage area you need secured, a wide range of megapixel security camera systems are available for you to choose from.  The most common is 1pm and 2pm cameras and can go to 5mp and higher.

The megapixel level you choose can have an impact on frame speed, therefore it’s important to work with an experienced megapixel camera installer and surveillance specialists.

Security Cameras Houston

Security Cameras Houston

Surveillance Systems & Megapixel Security Camera Goals

First, the area of coverage must be identified.  You’ll want to install the cameras in high traffic and active areas of your business.

For accurate viewing, a professional installation and positioning of your megapixel security cameras is very important.

The high megapixel camera should be placed in the areas requiring the most monitoring, while a lower megapixel camera can be placed in a general area.

Areas requiring higher focus should have proper coverage.

Self or Professional Installations of Megapixel IP Cameras?

Working with a professional is key to success.  Getting the right business security & surveillance solution helps you protect your assets and employees.

Our Houston Security Cameras & Surveillance installation team can strategically help you plan, outline, and install a customized IP surveillance system with megapixel IP cameras to protect your investment.

Wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your business and with a high resolution megapixel security system, the images will be crisp and clear as if you’re on site.

Texas Surveillance & Security Cameras in Houston has been serving the area for over 20 years with a long list of security & surveillance satisfied clients.

Before investing in an IP surveillance system, contact to learn more about the type of surveillance cameras that best fit your needs, and budget.

We’re the only Houston Security & Surveillance company available 24 hours a day to ensure your daily business activities are not interrupted during implementation.

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