Solar Powered Security Cameras

If you’re looking to monitor a remote area or a location that isn’t conveniently accessible for electrical wiring, Texas Surveillance & Security’s selection of solar powered security cameras are a perfect solution.

Durability of Solar Powered Security Cameras

Built from high-quality components designed to weather the elements and last for years to come, these cameras use the latest in wireless and solar technology. With backup battery systems, you can be assured these devices will be ready to keep watch over any location all year round.

Solar Powered Security Cameras – Wireless Security Camera

Flexibility of a Wireless Security Camera

The flexibility of the wireless security cameras provides an diverse array of options to suit your unique situation.

With wireless protocols to communicate point to point or to multiple points, options with and without a line of sight, and the ability to broadcast on wireless frequencies from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz, and even cellular 3G and 4G networks, these devices can always be in range.

Zoom Features

Additional features include pan-tilt-zoom functionality, high-definition megapixel, thermal imaging and vandal proof domes. With our wide variety of options, we’re sure to have the right camera for you.

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Our security and surveillance integration team has been serving the Houston area since 1989.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality products combined with strategical planning that meets your budget and schedule.

Rely on our expertise to protect the workplace with the highest quality security cameras and surveillance systems available on the market.

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