5 Ways To Secure Your Business During Summer Vacation

Running a business is a demanding, full-time job. It’s not just 40 hours, go home, and forget about it. If you’re not working 70 or 80 hours, you’re constantly juggling sales, marketing, employees, new products, business relationships, logistics, and more. We understand the challenges you face.

When the time finally comes for a much-needed vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the addition or theft, vandalism, or other crime at your business. Before you jet off to an island retreat for your summer vacation, use these tips to effectively secure your business.

1. Use Past Performance To Schedule Your Summer Vacation

One important facet of securing your business during a summer vacation is to plan well in advance. Look at past years’ revenue and anticipate when the low season is. By leaving when business has slowed, you’re less likely to have issues while you’re away.

2. Protect Against Cyberattacks

Digital attacks pose an equal risk as theft and vandalism, so take the right steps to ensure you’re protected before you leave. Run scans on all your software systems and computers, add multi-factor authentication, and guide employees on proper usage.

3. Emphasize Your Opening and Closing Procedures

Experienced thieves and robbers rarely waltz into a building during business hours. They case your business, learn its weaknesses, and seize opportunities based on these vulnerabilities.

As a result, you need to solidify your opening and closing procedures to ensure you have some element of unpredictability. Meet to discuss your concerns, verbally test your staff, and ensure they know what to do in an emergency.

4. Double-Check Your Cameras

Cameras are like any other electronic device. Over time, they can fail, get bumped out of place, or have other issues that hinder their ability to deter or record criminals. Before leaving town, monitor your cameras, recording equipment, and the cloud to ensure everything is in working order.

5. Alert Your Security Company

If you only have a handful of employees or work alone, you need an extra pair of eyes on your business while on vacation. While looking at your security system, take the extra step to contact your security company.

When you alert them that you’re out of town, anything that sets off motion sensors will automatically notify your security company that something’s amiss.

Some security systems may also have “away” settings, which make them more sensitive to movement and notify you of motion or people on the interior or exterior of your building.

Consult a Business Security Pro

Some expertise can give you peace of mind even if you follow these steps to secure your business. A month or so before your vacation, consult with us at Texas Surveillance & Security, we are a business security company. We can give you vital information on protecting your business, offer comprehensive solutions, and act as security stewards.
The only thing left is to turn off your mind, soak up the sun, and truly relax and unwind. You’ve earned it.

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