6 Ways to Deter Theft at Your Business

According to the National Retail Federation, theft accounts for over $60 billion in losses for American businesses. Small businesses aren’t immune to the problem either; 79% of businesses reported theft accounted for $500 to $2,500 in losses each month.

The negative impact of theft on your bottom line cannot be understated. Use these methods to deter theft at your business and improve your bottom line.

1. Install Comprehensive Security Systems

A quality security system is the top priority of any business regularly targeted by theft. Cameras in high-traffic areas can halt theft before it happens, while alarm systems and motion sensors can detect theft in action. Security systems also provide evidence for authorities in shoplifting or high-dollar theft crimes.

2. Have Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for deterring theft and enhancing security on your business premises. Ensure that exterior areas such as parking lots, walkways, and loading docks are well-lit, as well as any interior areas of the building. By installing adequate lighting, businesses can discourage potential thieves and improve visibility for surveillance cameras and security personnel.

3. Use Advanced Access Controls

Fingerprint scanners, retinal scanners, and facial recognition controls are no longer something you see in a sci-fi movie; they’re more accessible than ever. With affordable options, you can use these access controls to limit entry to authorized personnel.

Even older access controls — such as keycards and PINs — can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas of your business.

4. Maintain Inventory Controls

When you receive merchandise from a supplier or vendor, you must enter it into your inventory system. Without proper inventory control, your inventory can “fall off the truck” and leave you holding the bill.

Upgrade to a modernized inventory management system if you’re using an antiquated or outdated one. These updated systems can quickly detect losses or discrepancies and simplify the inventory process exponentially. Shop around to find the inventory management system that offers the features you want at a price that fits comfortably in your budget.

5. Secure Cash Handling Procedures

Cash handling is more than just taking money from customers and handing out change. The entire process starts when money enters and exits the building. Money is the most liquid asset, and thus, a top target for thieves.

To deter or limit theft, create a system that encourages frequent cash drops and has buddy systems to ensure no cash goes missing. You may also want to consider a hidden safe onsite or a cash limit that discourages robberies.

6. Display Visible Deterrents

Thieves are opportunists who always look for an easy target. As such, they monitor potential businesses with holes in their security systems or procedures.

However, visible deterrents and signage have effectively been proven to stop small-time criminals and thieves. Hanging security signs and decals and having visible security cameras and alarms can reduce the chance of your business being victimized — even if you use decoy or dummy cameras/alarms.

Ask a Professional

Texas Surveillance & Security started decades ago with one focus.  We help industrial and commercial clients only.  We can evaluate and provide you with a detailed proposal to secure your business once and for all.

Implementing anti-theft deterrents at your business can limit your losses. But for a truly comprehensive way to curb theft, consult our business security and surveillance professionals. We know how thieves operate and can suggest the products you need to keep them at bay. By contacting us, you can stay on budget, limit theft, and get the products you need.  Give us a call to discuss your business surveillance needs today.

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