4 Business Surveillance and Security Trends in 2024

Business surveillance and security is a crucial aspect of any business. It protects your assets, employees, and customers while deterring theft and vandalism. But like any other type of business product, surveillance and security are constantly evolving. In 2024, some trends will continue transforming the industry, improving small business security in various ways.

Learn more about these business surveillance and security trends and how they stand to improve your business in the upcoming year.

1. The Emergence of AI

AI has transformed the world already — even in its infancy. However, its contribution to business security and surveillance shouldn’t be understated. Through AI-based security and surveillance systems, small businesses will have streamlined, comprehensive systems that detect everything from unauthorized access to wet floors.

AI will also usher in better security and surveillance through learning processes. By consistently learning the common behaviors of employees and customers, AI systems can decipher patterns, analyze anomalies, and provide a holistic approach to surveillance. Moreover, advanced cameras can also use facial recognition technology for better access control.

2. Improved Camera Processing and Resolution

Frames per second (fps) and resolution have improved drastically over the past decade, but in 2024, this trend should continue. But FPS and resolution in 2024 are more the result of advanced processing.

As cameras continue to use better chips, their processing ability increases exponentially. This means cameras can provide crystal-clear resolution at higher speeds — quickly putting that information into the cloud for instant review.

3. Biometric & Mobile-Based Access Points

Access cards and key fobs have trumped traditional keys. In 2024, technology will take these access controls one step further with biometrics and mobile-based access points.

Rather than using a key, key fob, or keycard, improved security will allow facial-recognition technology and retinal scans to enter sensitive areas. More budget-friendly options should also appear on the market, allowing employees to access certain areas with an app on their phones.

This cuts down on the costs of physical keys and lessens the chance of lost keys or unauthorized access from other people.

4. Drone Security

For larger businesses, surveilling a large area can prove cumbersome. You need multiple cameras and people to monitor them, whether internal or external. It’s a costly venture that’s necessary to safeguard your business.

Thankfully, 2024 could posit a more affordable option. Drones have become more affordable than ever, and with a dedicated security company or in-house security guard, you can monitor vast areas of your business without the need for expensive camera systems. A small fleet is enough to tackle your security issues, making drones perfect for warehouses, lumberyards, or other sizable areas.

Choose the Right Security Products for Improved Results

Although AI and other trends will continue to improve small business surveillance, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton on new technology. Instead, find the products that fit your budget and needs.

Texas Surveillance & Security has been serving the Texas commercial and industrial sector for multiple decades.  We can assist you in making the best decision to fit your business needs and budget.

With help from an experienced surveillance and security company, you can get inside information and expert insight on the products that fill the void in your current security situation.

Give us a call today for a detailed assessment and proposal.  Look forward to serving you.

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