5 Things to Put on Your Business Security Christmas List

For most businesses, Christmas is when the money rolls in. While it’s a time to celebrate increased revenues and success, don’t forget about your own Christmas list. Each year, businesses should take this time to think about what they can add to the list to improve their business security and surveillance. If you’ve never considered a business security Christmas list, here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Password Manager Subscription

Almost all businesses have some operations online. This requires password-protected systems across multiple lines of software. However, keeping all of your passwords in order—for both you and your employees—isn’t always easy.

That’s why a password manager just makes sense. These subscriptions keep all of your passwords in order and encrypt them so that even a cybersecurity breach can’t derail your operational efforts.

2. A Modern Security System

Let’s face it. Older security systems are older, grainy, and have poor audio quality. So, if you haven’t upgraded your system recently, a modern security system is an excellent choice for your business security Christmas list.

From wireless systems to ones that store all of your footage on the cloud to save for months or even years, upgraded security systems are something that every business owner should consider.

At Texas Surveillance & Security we specialize in business grade security systems that help you monitor your business from anywhere.  We service all of Texas and have worked with small, medium and large size businesses throughout the area.

3. Alarm System

In most cases, a visible and modern security system should deter thieves or vandals from messing with your business. However, you can always add another layer of defense by installing an alarm system.

Over the past decade, numerous manufacturers and companies now offer alarm systems, and even ones that come packaged with new cameras. With a wide variety of plans for all budgets, you can add an alarm that will cut your losses or avoid theft altogether.

4. New Antivirus Software

With phishing, hacking, and other schemes hitting all time highs in recent years, no business computer system is safe from hackers. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to avoid any issues.

New antivirus software provides protection against cybersecurity threats, including malware, so you have one less thing to worry about this holiday season.

5. An Employee Security Protocol

In the event of a fire or natural disaster, you have safety protocols in place, so why not do the same for theft, vandalism, or other issues involving criminals? That’s why you need an employee security protocol on your business security Christmas list.

While this isn’t something you can simply buy, the effort you put into it can help save your business from losses, danger, or other issues that may arise out of nowhere. Keeping your employees safe is just as important as your assets.

Hire a Reputable Business Security Firm

Some things on your business security Christmas list are easily done on your own. But if you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to get the job done, hiring a reputable business security firm is always a smart idea.

Look for a firm with the experience, expertise, and glowing customer reviews, and you should find that your Christmas season is just a little bit brighter for your business.

For multiple decades we’ve helped hundreds of clients throughout the Texas area.  We’d love to provide you with a detailed quote on a modern security system that will keep your assets and employees safe.  Contact us for a detailed assessment and proposal.

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