6 Benefits of Surveillance and Security for Small Businesses

Surveillance and security are integral to your business’s success. Beyond the obvious — deterring theft and keeping your business secure — the right surveillance and security equipment can add several other benefits to your small business. Discover the advantages of security and surveillance and what it can do for your business beyond basic security measures.

1. Reduction in Insurance Bills

When you run a business, you know how expensive insurance is. Between property and liability policies, you can easily rack up thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.

However, a high-quality surveillance and security system may reduce these insurance premiums. Insurers see surveillance systems as a way to monitor activity, reducing the odds of a liability lawsuit, deterring theft and vandalism, and reducing the chance of other property crimes.

2. Lower Employee Theft

According to statistics, employees commit around 25% of theft. That’s an alarming statistic, especially from people you’re supposed to trust.

However, you can curb some or all of this type of theft with a security and surveillance system. When the eye in the sky watches over your employees, they’re far less likely to steal money or product from the business. This can result in higher margins, lower shrink, and an improved bottom line.

3. Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, especially regarding your business. When you install a surveillance system, you get just that — a chance to sleep easier knowing that your business is protected, no matter what you’re doing or where you are in the world.

4. Scalability

When your business thrives, your chance to expand becomes more of a possibility. With the right security system, you can scale your surveillance as your business grows. Cloud-based footage stays secure in a remote location, allowing you to add cameras without hard disk storage needs. The more you expand, the easier it is to keep your security footage in one place.

5. Provide Evidence

When someone commits a crime at your business, the burden of proof can fall on your shoulders. Without a security system, the he-said-she-said argument doesn’t work in a court of law. As such, some crimes may go unpunished, and you’re left holding the bag.

Security and surveillance systems solve this issue by giving concrete proof of any crime — be it theft, vandalism, or fraud. All you need to do is provide law enforcement with the tape, and you can hold the criminals responsible.

6. Add Another Layer of Control

Some businesses require more access control than others — especially if they have a high-dollar inventory or sensitive information. If you want to control who can access certain areas of your business, few options are better than a security and surveillance system. With these systems in place, you can control who goes where and secure the most sensitive areas of your business.

Choose the Right Security Company

You could always shop for security and surveillance systems independently, but working with an experienced company such as Texas Surveillance and Security ensures you choose the right system for your needs. 

Before you purchase a security system, partnering with us can make the difference between success and failure. Let’s help you choose the right path.

Texas Surveillance & Security is your go to security systems provider for commercial and industrial applications.  Give us a call for a complete assessment and detailed proposal.

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