Do You Have the Best Quality Video Security Images?

The accuracy of video security is directly related to the quality of your camera system. In the event of a robbery, break-in, vandalism, employee theft, or other such problems, if you do not have a clear image of the suspect, there is little the police can do to help with your case. While you might know exactly who was responsible, the courts have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the person actually committed the crime. When the only evidence you can supply is that of choppy, grainy, and poor quality images, it is much harder to establish a solid case.

Determining if your current video security system provides the best quality is not difficult. Simply take the time to sit down and review your video recordings. As you are watching the recordings, pause the playback. If you cannot clearly make out people’s faces and details in the background, then your camera is not providing the best quality.

If you have both indoor and outdoor cameras, verify the playback is viewable over a 24 hour period. You might discover your recordings during the daytime are fine, while the ones in the evening degrade in quality, especially in areas outside where there are lower or poor lighting levels. The primary cause for a change in quality is in the cameras you use with your system. You could continue to use the same cameras for your daytime recordings when the quality is fine, but you would want to install new cameras with features to work in low light levels, like night vision, for your evening recordings.

Not entirely sure if your video security system is the best quality? Visit our website for more information about camera systems, or call us today for your free onsite security system evaluation.

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