Business CCTV and Video Surveillance are on the Rise

Global industry analysts project that CCTV and video surveillance systems are projected to exceed $30 billion by 2020. They are a vital part of increasing efficiency and improve function within the workplace.

Driving Force Behind CCTV and Video Surveillance Growth?

Security cameras and surveillance systems are a vital part of a security plan for organizations across the country, building owners, business owners whether it’s retail, industrial or manufacturing.

As a Houston CCTV and video surveillance expert, we are witnessing a strong growth driven by the rising need to secure employees and monitor people, assets, and workflows due to an increase in safety and security concerns.

It’s a balancing act for many business owners and organizations we serve in the Houston area. Installing a video surveillance system requires experience in order to balance the fine line between protection and invasion of privacy.

We at have been in the commercial and industrial security camera and video surveillance for 24 years. We’ve served hundreds of clients throughout the Texas state.

The increasing focus for all our clients is video quality and image retention. Efficiency, flexibility and reliability are the most important factors to focus on if you’re looking to install a CCTV or video surveillance system.

We use the best products, operate 24 hours a day to minimize any disruption to the operation. We are the only Houston CCTV and video surveillance experts that guarantee their cameras for 5 years, and our relationship maintains long after we’ve installed your commercial and industrial surveillance system.

There is definitely a surge in the need for surveillance and security. You want the best contractor on your side, with experience, and longevity in the market.

If you’re in Texas and interested in finding out more about our security and surveillance systems, we’d love to talk to you. We always perform an on-site assessment to give you the best options for your particular situation.

Not all surveillance systems are created equal. We know the difference and look forward to assisting you anywhere in the State of Texas. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation.

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