Business Security Issues and How to Fix Them

Business security is a crucial part of any business — as important as marketing, operations, and accounting. To keep your assets, employees, and customers safe, you need to have a superior security and surveillance system in place. Through a comprehensive safety, security, and surveillance plan, you can do what you do best: run your business. Here’s what you need to know.

Blind Spots in Your Surveillance System

Thieves are a crafty bunch. While some crimes are solely because of opportunity, professional criminals will stake out your business to identify weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is blind spots in your surveillance system.

Though you may think your cameras cover all angles, the only way to make sure is by testing them. Have one of your employees walk through your business to determine if you can see them at all angles. If not, switching the location of your cameras or adding more cameras is paramount.

Old Surveillance Systems

In the last decade, business surveillance systems have advanced rapidly. Unidirectional, stationary, and grainy cameras are a thing of the past. Today, cameras offer full HD resolution, as well as the ability to turn them 360 degrees to cover the entire area of your business.

If your cameras are outdated, you might want to consider a full system replacement. Not only will you have surveillance cameras that can cover a wider area, but you’ll also have crystal-clear footage that can record even the most minute details.

That said, new surveillance systems can be expensive. In this case you may not want to replace the entire system due to a lack of cost-effectiveness. However, you may not need a pricey camera system. Instead, you can repair older cameras and simply switch out the most important cameras with new ones. By doing so, you can reduce your costs while having functional, effective surveillance.

For multiple decades, Texas Surveillance & Security has helped hundreds of businesses in the Texas area, we understand tight budgets and work closely with each client to ensure their surveillance system is excellent without breaking the bank.

Storage Issues

If you have an outdated camera system, one of the biggest issues could be your storage system. Older systems typically use an onsite system that’s only capable of storing a certain number of hours of footage. If you find out about theft or vandalism days later, evidence could have already been erased.

Fortunately, new camera systems have you covered. By using an off-site “cloud” server, you can store an indefinite amount of footage without worrying about the capacity of the system. Furthermore, your footage stored off-site ensures that it stays safe in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

Inability to Watch Footage on the Fly

If you have an older security system, you may have to sit in your office to view the live stream of your cameras. Yet with new technology comes the ability to watch live footage anywhere in the world.

Many new surveillance systems offer remote viewing through various mobile apps or computer programs. When you install a camera system, you’re not confined to the business to maintain an adequate amount of surveillance. Instead, you can watch your cameras from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring that your business stays safe and secure.

Even the slightest bit of oversight can cause significant monetary losses and damage to your reputation. But by developing and implementing a security plan, you can fix any potential issues while also keeping thieves, vandals, and hackers at bay.

Give us a call, and let our experienced team provide you with a detailed assessment and proposal to secure your business once and for all.  We serve the entire Texas area; our specialty is industrial and commercial business security surveillance systems.

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