Your Christmas Business Security Checklist

Ah, Christmas — the time of year when many businesses record their highest revenues, ensuring a wonderful holiday for business owners, employees, and customers alike. However, despite the increased traffic and sales, some lurking factors can cut into your bottom line: theft and vandalism.

As much as these are a concern throughout the year, the holiday craze attracts criminal activity in higher numbers. Yet, with thoughtfulness and preparation, you can ensure your business stays secure. Use this Christmas business security checklist to shore up your security, identify weaknesses, and ultimately, achieve personal and business-related success and satisfaction.

Schedule Deliveries Properly

Porch pirates don’t just target residential areas. Unsecured businesses can also fall victim to package theft, derailing Christmas sales, lessening inventory, and causing you to scramble for a quick solution.

If you order more packages and inventory during the holidays, make sure that you schedule your deliveries or arrange a secure drop-off point. This will avoid theft issues and keep you on track with your holiday goals.

Add Enhanced Access Points

Locks and deadbolts certainly protect your business from those looking to harm it. However, the modern age requires modern solutions. You should consider enhanced electronic access points for your Christmas business security checklist.

Rather than relying on keys, you can use electronic pads, keycodes, smart cards, fobs, or biometrics (finger, facial, or retinal scan) to access the building. Any of these products instantly solidify your Christmas security, allowing only authorized personnel to access certain areas of your building.

Inspect the Exterior of the Building

You may walk around your building routinely to look for suspicious people or major damage. However, you should always err on the side of caution.

Beyond your routine inspection, take some extra time during Christmas to look for things that could impact your business security:

  • Inspect all locks on gates and exterior doors.
  • Search fence lines for any potential entry points.
  • Check for debris that thieves or vandals could use to enter the building.
  • Look for any potential safety hazards that could leave you liable for injuries or lawsuits.

Hold a Staff Meeting

Your staff plays a crucial role in the safety of your business during Christmas. You must rely on them to monitor customers, stay on task, and engage your safety protocols. These tasks can feel overwhelming during the the holiday season, so your best served by holding a staff meeting.

During this meeting, discuss any updates to your business security, how to identify potential thieves, and any other matter relevant to safety and security during the holidays.

Upgrade Your Business Surveillance Systems

We’ve helped hundreds of customers update their business surveillance systems during the holidays.  During downtime, you will not lose on production and minimize the business disruptions.

If you haven’t updated your business surveillance recently, now is the time. In just the past five years, camera resolution, audio quality, and storage solutions have rapidly advanced, giving you high-quality solutions to your surveillance needs.

Get a Professional Security Audit

Even after you complete the Christmas business security checklist above, take a precautionary step by getting a professional security audit. With the help of our trained professionals at Texas Surveillance & Security, you can identify weak spots in your surveillance, update your security and safety training, and ensure that your business is ready for the holiday season.

Contact us today for a complete assessment and a complimentary proposal for all your commercial surveillance and security needs.

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