How To Ramp Up Your Business Security for Valentine’s Day

With 53% of the U.S. population celebrating the occasion and around $23.9 billion in spending, Valentine’s Day is an integral time of the year for many businesses. However, you can only reap the benefits of Cupid’s day by ensuring your business security is up to the challenge. If you’ve pushed off business security for any reason, take the steps to improve it on February 14.

Shore Up Your Cybersecurity

Any major holidays—and Valentine’s Day is no exception—seem to bring out hackers in droves. Whether it’s a denial-of-service attack, phishing, or other hacks, your business is always at risk from people looking to rip you off.

Update any antivirus software that you have, backup and encrypt your sensitive data, and add multifactor authentication to your systems for an extra layer of security.

Retool Your Surveillance

If you haven’t had time to get a handle on your surveillance in the recent past, now is the time. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade your security cameras unless they’re complete out of date. However, if they’re more than about five or 10 years old, technology has come a long way.

Consider adding cameras with improved picture quality, as well as additional recording options such as a cloud. You may also want to add a few cameras in blind spots to deter shoplifters, vandals, and other criminals. By doing so, you can avoid shrinkage and sunken costs due to damage and focus solely on your Valentine’s Day operations.

Employee Training

Employees typically loathe training. It’s the same thing reiterated over and over again. However, Valentine’s Day is a good time to discuss cybersecurity threats and potential theft, as the incidence of both of these activities are heightened during the holiday.

During your meeting, talk about the importance of cybersecurity, how to spot suspicious people or potential thieves, and scams that people may try to pull, such as swapping price tags.

If you want to celebrate the holiday and give a bit of pizzazz to your meeting, host a Valentine’s-themed meal, hand out candy, or play a game. A little bit of atmosphere goes a long way to helping your employees remember their training.

Establish a Proper Closing Procedure

When more money is rolling into businesses, thieves, robbers, and burglars may lie in wait. Whether you’re busy or not at closing time, put together a closing procedure to ensure you don’t become a victim.

Make sure that all entrances and exits are secured, your cameras are rolling, and your security alarm is turned on. You may also want more than one person to close as a failsafe to deter any potential issues.

Too Busy to Give Some Love to Your Business Security? Call a Pro

When you’re planning for a holiday that can drastically improve your bottom line, you might be too busy to do all of the security planning yourself. That’s why you should give your business security a little extra love with the help of our professionals at Texas Surveillance and Security.  With an experienced surveillance and security business, you’re free to focus on making money—something that you’ll surely love come Valentine’s Day.

In Business for 30 Years serving the Industrial & commercial sector throughout the Texas Area.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed assessment and proposal.  Contact us today.

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