The Liability of Using Fake Business Security Cameras

A business owner may think they’re saving money on their commercial security system by installing fake business security cameras, think again!

The liability costs involved in installing fake security cameras at your business by far outweigh the costs of installing a quality commercial security system.

We spoke to a jewelry store owner who wants to remain anonymous about the robbery he experienced two years ago.

He recently contacted us because he is installing a full commercial security system at a new jewelry story he opened in Houston.

“I had just opened my store three years ago, it was quite expensive because I had to remodel a previous retail store into a jewelry store, I bought new cases, jewelry inventory, re-wired all the lighting, bought proper safes, so all my money was pretty much spent”.  He continues…

“I planned on installing a business security camera system, but figured I would delay it a bit to save some money, and a friend of mine convinced me to install a bunch of fake security cameras in the meantime.  I planned on getting a system up within a year, but I wasn’t so fortunate”.

“My jewelry store was rubbed in the middle of the day, bright daylight out, and at gun point.  We lost hundreds of thousands in inventory, showcase damage because they broke the glass, and I’m really lucky to be alive”.

It takes less than a minute to rob a jewelry store, getting it on camera can really help catch the bad guys and get your assets protected!  Watch what happened at this jewelry store.

Did the police come out?  What happened?

“The police came out, took a full report, documented everything, and investigation began.  Basically, we had insurance but we didn’t have any footage to show proof because we had fake security cameras, and we lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory.  I had no choice but to shut down my store, and it has taken me two years to recover”.

What Would You Say to Someone Considering Fake Business Security Cameras?

“Don’t do it!  It’s not worth it.  If you’re opening a business and don’t have the money for a quality commercial security system, wait.  Don’t open your business without it.  In one day, my life turned upside down and while I was trying to save a few bucks by waiting, I ended up costing myself thousands of dollars and years of time to recover.” specializes in commercial security systems and business security cameras that are affordable, and convenient.  We’ve been serving the Houston area for the past 24 years, the only company that provides a 5-year warranty, and a 24 hour service and installation schedule so you can continue to operate while we secure your location.

If you’re ready for a commercial security camera system in Houston, give us a call and let us provide you with a complimentary evaluation and detailed quote that meets your schedule and budget needs.

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