Spring Into Action with a Company Security Plan for Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business, you need a company security plan to protect your assets, employees, and customers. Thankfully, modern technology makes this easier than ever before. By implementing a multipronged plan that includes surveillance, online security, and more, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits.

Securing assets

Assets come in two types: tangible and informational (intangible). Tangible assets include equipment, supplies, and your office building, while informational assets might include industry secrets, patents, and client payment information. Because both of these types of assets are crucial to your business operations, you need to protect them at every level.

A security camera system on the interior and exterior of the building should protect your tangible assets. To secure your digital and informational assets, a firewall, antivirus software, malware detector, and other software should be installed by an expert.

Securing employees

Even if you run a business with few perceived risks to your employees, a well-planned security system is a great failsafe. Employees can become victims of workplace violence and harassment, angry customers, and theft from other employees. With cameras in place, you can catch any unsavory or unprofessional behavior, as well as monitor the behavior of your employees.

Company Security Plan with Remote Access

Another advantage of a security plan is 24/7 access to your cameras and other surveillance equipment. If you’re heading out of town on a business trip or on vacation with your family, taking a moment to check what’s going on at your business puts your mind at ease. In addition, you can check on your business during late-night hours or other occasions when your business might be particularly at risk.

Minimizing Liability and Potential Lawsuits

Liability and lawsuits can bankrupt your company if you’re not careful. Even if insurance manages to cover the costs of the settlement, it may not cover the lawyer fees, legal fees, and court costs associated with litigation.

However, a property security system can help curb this problem. Whether an employee states they were injured on the job or client says they’ve fallen due to your negligence, you have video evidence that can disprove their claim. Save yourself from the hassle of frivolous lawsuits by having cameras on both customers and employees.

Deterring Theft

According to recent statistics, workplace crime and theft costs U.S. businesses around $50 billion a year. Small- and medium-sized companies are far more susceptible to theft, accounting for 68 percent of crimes for an average annual loss of almost $290,000.

Most businesses can’t absorb a loss of that much, especially in the first five years or in the midst of growth. That’s why a security system is crucial. When employees know they’re being monitored, they’re far less likely to steal, reducing your losses and improving your bottom line.

When you spring into action with a company security plan for your business, you safeguard everything that makes your business run smoothly. Not only will your employees and customers appreciate it, but you’ll build a solid reputation and integrity to sustain your business for years to come.

We at Texas Surveillance and Security have been helping business owners and companies throughout the Texas area secure their business, assets, and protect their employees for 25 years.  Contact us for a detailed assessment so we can help you get a company security plan for your business that fits your needs and budget.

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