Best Tips for Business Security and Surveillance Systems in 2019

Thanks to advances in technology in the surveillance industry, business security systems are a necessary addition to any business.

Versatile, efficient, and easy to use, these systems offer peace of mind, a theft deterrent, and an added layer of protection from all types of threats. From solar-powered cameras to Wi-Fi and network IP cameras that have no need for a central recording unit, the 2019 crop of security and surveillance systems keeps an eye on your business when you’re away.

Business Security and Surveillance Options

Solar-Powered Cameras

Whether you’re eco-conscious, thrifty on utility costs, or a combination thereof, solar-powered cameras offer the best of both worlds for exterior-mounted surveillance solutions.

Using small solar panels and waterproof housing, these cameras operate around the clock without succumbing to the elements. Many of these also offer motion detection to power a light that can ward off thieves or vandals.

If you aren’t sold on a solar-powered camera, you can also outfit traditional cameras to offset the costs of electricity without having to worry about outages on a cloudy day.

24-Hour Service Availability

If you’re adding a surveillance system to your business this year, the options are almost endless, whether you’re setting up the security system yourself or relying on a third-party provider. Either way, you’ll want to go with a manufacturer or our Texas Security security company that provides service 24 hours a day.

When your camera system goes down, it can render your business or project vulnerable to criminals or a lack of general oversight. To eliminate the risk of theft or down business time, you need customer support that will fix the problem, whether it’s a faulty network connection, a down website, or a hardware or equipment issue.

Network IP Cameras

A network IP (internet protocol) camera is one of the most advanced pieces of business surveillance technology available on the market. These cameras transmit and receive data over either a hard-wired or wireless internet connection. It functions similarly to webcams by not needing any recording equipment. Instead, it provides live viewing and continuous recording that’s uploaded to a cloud or a hard drive.

Network IP business security cameras provide a number of benefits compared to other options, including remote viewing from any location with an internet connection, adjustable frame rates and resolution, digital zoom, and freedom of mounting.

Wireless Cameras

A network IP camera is a type of wireless camera, but it certainly isn’t the only option.

A number of wireless cameras can transmit video via Bluetooth or a radio transmitter, giving you more options if a network connection isn’t feasible.

Because wireless cameras require no cables or connections, they’re impervious to wire cutters that many criminals use to bypass surveillance systems.

Flexibility, accessibility, and relatively low costs are just a few of the other benefits you get by modernizing your business security system with wireless cameras.

With fewer accessories to purchase and a plethora of practical applications across a wide range of industries, security and surveillance systems for your business are more accessible than ever in 2019. Protecting your business, inventory, and employees has never been easier.

We’ve been serving the Houston and Texas Area for 25 years by providing innovative business security cameras and surveillance systems that protect your place of business, assets and employees.  We love helping our commercial and industrial clients.  If you’re considering a new system, give us a call and allow us to give you full complimentary on-site evaluation and detailed proposal.

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