Upgrade Your Surveillance with the Best Business Security Camera Systems for 2023

We’re already several months into 2023, and if you haven’t thought about your business security system yet, you’re long overdue. Summer tends to see more foot traffic and sales for many businesses, so if you count yourself among these companies, now is the time to protect your assets, customers, and employees. Upgrade your surveillance system as soon as possible with one of these best business security camera systems for 2023.

Quick Considerations

Before you decide on a business security camera system for 2023, make sure that you make a few considerations.

First, you should look at systems that offer exceptional night vision. Many break-ins occur in the twilight hours, so night vision is essential.

Next, consider what type of storage you want. Cloud storage cameras offer unlimited storage capacity and are also stored offsite, which is ideal if you want to keep all of the footage and avoid burglars deleting it.

Finally, you should think about cameras that offer LED motion lights and sirens. This can scare off criminals before they have a chance to break into your business.

1. Lorex 8-Channel Camera

Although the Lorex 8-Channel Camera System is a bit on the pricey side compared to other business camera systems, it provides unparalleled features for a price that’s still somewhat affordable.

Offering color night vision with 150 feet of range, 4K Ultra HD video, and LED lighting, it has everything you need to protect your business with ease.

2. Swann 12-Camera System

If you have a business with several potential blind spots or own a larger building, the Swann 12-Camera System has you covered. With 12 cameras, you can easily place them to cover all angles of your business, and each camera has up to 100 feet of range in darkness. Add in an app with push notifications, and you’re always alert if something is awry at your business.

3. Ring Stickup Cam

Ring has taken the surveillance world by storm thanks to its easy-to-use app and simple product installation. While the doorbell cam is a favorite for both businesses and residences, the Ring Stickup Cam is an excellent option for your business.

With a swivel head and adhesive options, you can hang the Stickup Cam anywhere you want with either Wi-Fi or hardwired capabilities.

4. Cromorc All-in-One

If you want an all-inclusive camera system, the Cromorc All-in-One camera system is the smart choice. Featuring a 10.1-inch monitor to view your surveillance footage, 1 TB of storage, and an app that allows you to see footage from anywhere, you can always be assured that you can view footage whenever necessary.

Save Yourself Time and Hassle by Hiring a Professional

Installing a security system or cameras that function properly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if you have a bit of know-how, the time and hassle can take away from your business operations.

So instead of trying to put the system together by yourself, give us a call to evaluate your business surveillance and security needs.

Surveillance is not a one size fits all, and not all cameras work for all types of businesses.  Environment, location, coverage, etc. play a big role in deciding what your business needs.

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation and detailed proposal.

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