How To Prepare Your Business Security for Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner, consumers are out in force to purchase the perfect gift or cash in on deals on Black Friday. In 2022, sales reached tens of billions of dollars, highlighting what’s the most profitable for most businesses around the country.

However, the increase in revenue can also be offset by shrink due to retail theft — especially if you’re ill-prepared. So before the post-Thanksgiving retail holiday arrives, find out how to prepare your business security and surveillance for Black Friday.

Prep Your Staff

Several weeks before Black Friday, hold a meeting with your entire staff. Discuss any protocols and safety concerns you have during this meeting. Offer support, explaining that you’re always available in stressful situations or scenarios concerning demanding customers or theft.

This is also the time when you should hire any seasonal staff and adequately onboard them. Focus on making them feel safe while they’re on duty, as well as talking about opening and closing the store properly each day to secure the business.

Give Your Surveillance System Some TLC

Modern business surveillance systems are relatively easy to operate, but you should still give them extra care before Black Friday.

Start by cleaning each camera and lens to ensure a streak-free view. Next, update all firmware and software associated with the operating system so everything runs smoothly. Finally, if you need to adjust cameras, make sure to aim them toward high-traffic areas, points of entry, and places that employees frequent to ensure the safety of all and protect against theft.

Remain Onsite Whenever Possible

Even with a trustworthy staff, scenarios may arise when you need to be present. On Black Friday and any other busy day, stay onsite. This may mean that you walk around the store to help customers or you tackle the same jobs as your staff. Or you may want to sit in the office and do paperwork — but keep a watchful eye on your cameras and staff to deter theft and help the day run more efficiently.

Hire a Security Guard as a Failsafe

You may never have felt like you needed a security guard, but with the rise in organized retail crime, a deterrent can protect your assets and staff. Many security companies and temp agencies offer security services during Black Friday and into the Christmas season, which should enable you to hire with ease.

Just make sure to onboard your security guard properly, set clear expectations, and make them visible. Not only will this make your employees and customers feel safe, but it will put some doubt in the minds of would-be thieves or vandals.

Consult a Professional

If you have a new business or haven’t updated your business security and surveillance recently, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market today. But this shouldn’t deter you from upgrading your system.

When in doubt, give us a call at Texas Surveillance and Security.  Our team of commercial and industrial security experts can guide you through the various solutions available to you.

With the right insight, product knowledge, and experience, you’ll have a system that protects your employees and assets — all while enjoying the amazing revenues of Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.

Contact us to book a free assessment of your new business surveillance system in Texas.

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