How To Properly Maintain Your Business Surveillance System

Your business surveillance and security system is a crucial component of safety in the workplace. It protects your valuable assets, employees, and customers all at once. As such, maintaining it is important to ensure its functionality and longevity. Whether you have a newly installed system or an older one, here are some practical ways to properly maintain your business surveillance system.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Every month or quarter, conduct regular inspections of all aspects of your business surveillance system. This includes checking the hardware, cables, connections, and other components. During these inspections, you can also clean the equipment — wiping the lenses of the camera and removing any cobwebs or other debris can make a drastic change in the operations of the business surveillance system.

Double-Check the Power Supply

Without power, your surveillance system is a sunken cost. So while you’re conducting your inspections, make sure your power supply is functional. If possible, upgrade to an uninterruptible power supply or use surge protectors to ensure that no power outages limit the ability of your system to record adequately.

Keep Your Employees Apprised of Any Changes

If you make any changes to your security system — be it hardware or cybersecurity — make sure to inform your employees. Conduct a training session if necessary, and teach your employees the basics of the system. During this time, you can also have a formal emergency response seminar so your employees know what to do if something catastrophic should happen.

Update Your Software and Firmware

Most business surveillance systems use modern technology and computers to run. As a result, you need to constantly update the software and firmware to avoid any potential problems. For a foolproof solution, set these programs to update automatically.

Assess Your Lighting

Lighting is another integral facet of your business surveillance system that you can’t afford to ignore. Without sufficient lighting, your cameras essentially have a blind spot. To get adequate lighting, change bulbs as necessary or upgrade to brighter light bulbs with a higher lumens rating. You may also need to assess low-light or nighttime conditions and install lighting fixtures as necessary.

Check the Angles and Positioning of Cameras

The angles and positioning of cameras are also a crucial part of maintaining your business surveillance system. Using your phone or another mobile device, use the camera system’s software to look at the picture while you’re adjusting the camera.

Make sure that the cameras cover the most important areas, including those where customers, vendors, and employees are present, as well as potential blind spots where thieves or vandals could lurk. If you need to cover more area, consider a camera with a wide-angle lens.

Have a Professional Conduct an Audit

Even after you’ve done your own assessment and maintenance of your business surveillance system, it never hurts to have another watchful eye glance it over.

Texas Surveillance & Security is a professional security and surveillance company that can audit your surveillance system. With the right suggestions and advice, you can make sure that your surveillance system is up to date, working properly, and devoid of any issues.

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