Are Wi-Fi Cameras Reliable for Business?

Security is always a top concern when it comes to your business. Whether it’s to keep an eye on customers, maintain a safe work environment, or act as a deterrent, commercial-grade security systems are a top-notch way to ensure security is always at a premium.

However, choosing the right security cameras for your business isn’t so clear. While wired security systems have their advantages, a Wi-Fi camera system has its set of benefits as well. Before you purchase a new Wi-Fi surveillance system, here are some things to keep in mind with regard to reliability.

Business-Grade Wi-Fi Cameras and Reliability

Wi-Fi camera systems have a wireless setup, giving you more flexibility on where to place your cameras and easier installation. But you should also take heed of some of their reliability issues.

One of the foremost reasons a business-grade Wi-Fi camera suffers is due to bandwidth. When you set up a Wi-Fi system at your business, only a certain amount of data can be transmitted at a certain time. If something starts to eat up this bandwidth — such as a download or streaming video — it can cause your Wi-Fi camera’s quality to suffer.

Because the camera doesn’t have enough bandwidth to transmit high-quality video, the video itself can become grainy. Pixelated video doesn’t aid in catching criminals or discovering theft from employees, giving you little or no evidence to present to the authorities. In this scenario, you’ll want to ensure you have the internet speed and bandwidth the camera needs to transmit clear video around the clock.

Wi-Fi Cameras and Hacking

Another concern of Wi-Fi cameras is that — like other types of wireless systems — they’re susceptible to hacking. Unfortunately, the burden of protecting the Wi-Fi lies squarely on the shoulders of the business owner. Many newer systems support SSL/TSL encryption, which makes hacking far less possible, but not all Wi-Fi surveillance systems include this feature.

If your camera system isn’t encrypted, the footage becomes vulnerable to attack. Therefore, you’ll need to install the proper software and take cybersecurity steps to ensure the video transmission isn’t intercepted. With these measures in place, you’ll feel more confident about your Wi-Fi camera system and keep the video on your server or the cloud where it belongs.

Wi-Fi Cameras and Power Outages

One distinct advantage that Wi-Fi cameras have in terms of reliability is that they aren’t susceptible to power outages. Running on solar power or batteries, these systems keep recording even if the power grid goes down due to inclement weather. Wired surveillance systems don’t have this luxury. When the power goes out they stop recording, giving criminals a chance to complete their crime unabated.

With flexibility, ease of installation, and remote video storage, Wi-Fi cameras are becoming a popular choice among business owners. But these security systems need diligence on your part to ensure they avoid low battery strength, low bandwidth, and hacking. If you manage to complete these steps, Wi-Fi camera systems won’t leave your safety in jeopardy.

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