Which is better? Wired or Wireless Cameras for Your Business Security.

One of the most crucial aspects of any business is a secure work environment. By constantly monitoring a business, owners can make certain that their employees, customers, and property remain safe from both internal and external threats. This is why every business needs a security camera system. However, choosing whether to install wired or wireless security cameras is a tough decision, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you can’t decide which system to choose, here are a few facets and characteristics to consider.

Wired vs. Wireless Cameras for Business Security

Although the names are somewhat self-explanatory, grasping the entire idea between wired and wireless security systems will help you make an more informed, educated choice for your business. A wired security system requires wires from the camera to a recording point such as a hard drive, server, or DVD player. Some cameras may only require an ethernet cable while analog cameras need both a power cable and a coaxial cable for proper transmission.

A wireless security system ignores the problems caused by running cables thanks to a Wi-Fi transmission of data. Powered by a battery or solar energy, these cameras don’t need a separate power cable either, providing more flexibility of installation in tight areas without creating blind spots.

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Security systems are ineffective without proper location. They should always have a clear, unobstructed view of your retail space, back office, and the exterior of the building. This need for proper location often dictates which type of camera you choose.

One of the most important considerations with regard to the location is whether or not the camera will have an uninterrupted flow of video based on your business’s Wi-Fi or network.


If you have certain budgetary restrictions, a wired camera is most often the cheaper of the two options. While they may be more difficult to install, they still offer a stable video transmission that doesn’t stop when the internet is down. Wireless cameras are the more expensive of the two, but with increased flexibility and ease of installation, springing for the higher price tag may have its benefits.


Wireless security systems have an edge over wired systems simply because you don’t have to run any wires to use them. All you need to do is find the proper location, screw the camera into place, and turn it on. With wireless systems, you’re tasked with running wire in tight or obscure areas which may require a professional.

Whether you decide to install wired or wireless security cameras for your business, make sure you choose a commercial-grade system. Unlike residential systems, these cameras transmit crystal-clear video without the pixelation. Not only will you keep your business safe, but you’ll have the video you need to bring a thief or culprit to justice.

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