What Is the Best Surveillance System for Small Business

Even the most vigilant business owners and employees can’t keep an eye on everyone all the time. Whether you’re keeping an eye on customers during business hours or protecting your property after hours, you need a surveillance system for your small business that monitors everything. If you’re looking to upgrade your current system or install one for the first time, here are some of the top surveillance systems for your small business.

Small Business CCTV Security System

Standing for closed-circuit television, business-grade CCTV security systems feature security cameras that transmit a constant flow of video footage from cameras to a specified location. Unlike some other camera systems, a CCTV surveillance system transfers a continuous feed rather than shorter clips.

Most CCTV systems transmit the video feed to an internal source, most often in a security or surveillance room on the grounds of your property. The advantage of CCTV systems is that they can monitor large areas of space such as commercial buildings or retail spaces, as well as larger outdoor spaces. Once captured, the footage can be played back at your discretion, making it quick and simple to hand over the video to the authorities if a crime is committed.

Other major advantages of a CCTV security system include superb reliability and better coverage. However, footage from CCTV is a bit grainier when you zoom as opposed to other available options.

IP Business Surveillance System

Business-grade IP security systems, also known as internet protocol security systems, transmit camera footage to an outside source via a computer network. Because these systems send footage via the internet, business owners can monitor their property and employees via a smartphone, tablet, computer, or another type of mobile device. This is especially helpful for business owners who travel constantly or have other business dealings that keep them away from the office.

Other benefits of a business-grade IP surveillance system include enhanced video resolution, more viewing flexibility, wireless options, and a lower price point than CCTV systems. However, IP cameras are also susceptible to hacking and cybersecurity threats, making network safety more important than ever. In addition, IP security systems must have a network video server, network maintenance, and dedicated IP addresses to transmit video.

Business Surveillance with PTZ Security System

Business-grade PTZ, or pan, tilt, and zoom, cameras allow the user to control the angle of the camera from a remote location. In the business world, PTZ cameras are useful for monitoring large areas during business hours without any blind spots. Many of these cameras also have automatic zoom features that zoom in on suspicious or detected events. PTZ cameras are also easily integrated into both CCTV and IP systems depending on the type of camera you purchase. Stellar image quality, streamlined integration, and wide-area coverage are just some of the benefits that small business owners receive when they install a PTZ security system.

Whether you choose a CCTV surveillance system, an IP security system, a PTZ security option, or a mishmash of these options, you can protect your business from damage, theft, and losses. That’s something every business owner can get behind.

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