New Year! New Business Grade Security System : Commercial vs Residential Concept

To protect your assets, family members, and workers from harm or theft, a security system is essential. However, commercial grade security systems vary greatly from residential options. This plays a huge factor in which system you should choose. Before you shop for a business grade security system this new year, learn the differences between commercial and residential options to make a more informed decision.

The People Factor

Unless you run a large-scale or high costs-of-goods company where a nighttime security guard is a necessity, your office goes unattended after business hours. This is when incidents of burglary are most likely to happen not only due to the time frame, but also because there are no other people around.

Because there aren’t any security guards or workers to monitor the area, a commercial security system needs cameras as a deterrent and a potential gatherer of evidence should a crime occur.

In a residential setting, there’s a stark contrast. Whether it’s your neighbors walking the dog, a neighborhood watch program, or your own family, people are almost always present. This acts as a natural theft deterrent, as criminals are less likely to commit a crime with eyewitnesses.

In addition, the extra eyes on your property mean that you don’t necessarily need a video feed to protect your home, relying instead on a panic button or other manually armed alarm.

Difference With Business Grade Security System

Commercial properties are another issue altogether. Typically located in industrial or commercial areas where crime can be an issue, commercial grade security systems must solve more complex issues. To garner an understanding of what you need, start by assessing the area.

In high-crime neighborhoods, you’ll need a more comprehensive commercial security system, so you should start by checking out the security of nearby businesses.

Asking other property managers what systems they use, what threats exists, and other questions can help you forge an idea of what security system you’ll need.

We at Texas Surveillance are celebrating 25 years in the business of surveillance and security. Our team is experienced in assessing the needs of our clients. Rely on us for a complimentary on-site assessment for your business grade security system.

You may also have a need for other industry-specific security issues such as chemical leaks, water monitoring, or commercial fire sprinklers. While residential security systems don’t offer this type of protection, adding it to your commercial version may end up saving your business.

Remote Access Security System

The advent of smart technology allows people to monitor their home security from afar, but in a commercial setting, it becomes even more necessary. If you have a locked security-monitoring room or remote data storage such as a cloud, keeping an eye on your business while you’re away is easy. Plus, our commercial grade security cameras offer remote monitoring which gives you peace of mind while away from your business.

Protecting people and property are the goals of a security system, but with different needs at both home and business, choosing the ideal system is up to you. By weighing costs, amenities, and other variables, you can select the perfect commercial-grade security system to fit your needs for the coming year.

Texas Surveillance and Security has been serving the Texas commercial and industrial sector for over 25 years. We look forward to providing you with a commercial grade security system that will give you the peace of mind you expect and deserve so you can do what you do best! Focus on your business.

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