Business Security Monitoring Solutions

Although many large-scale companies and corporations outsource their security monitoring systems, small-to-medium-sized businesses can benefit from in-house surveillance systems. With the relatively low purchase and operational costs, these systems provide constant monitoring without a hefty price tag. Discover some security solutions that can keep your business, employees, customers, and property safe and secure.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a type of security monitoring system that transmits video (and sometimes audio) from the camera to a central storage device and a CCTV monitor. The monitor allows your business to watch cameras in real-time, while the storage device provides data backup and the ability to review previous footage.

While CCTV systems may require cabling to link various devices to the storage device, the sheer number of CCTV solutions is highly advantageous. Choose from wired, wireless, IP (internet protocol), or analog cameras to suit your needs. Once installed, these cameras link directly to your preferred storage choice, including a DVD system, surveillance-grade hard disk drives, or network video recorder (NVR).

Wireless Security Cameras

For high-risk or vulnerable areas of your business, nothing beats a wireless security camera. Because they require no wires or cabling, these cameras are easily installed or mounted just about anywhere. Connected to your Wi-Fi system, these surveillance systems provide benefits such as:

  • Automated cloud or remote storage.
  • Viewing from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Scheduled recording for high-risk periods of the day or evening.
  • Motion detection.

In addition, many wireless cameras can still transmit signals even if the power goes out from a natural cause, blackout, or a thief cutting the power cables. Few other cameras can boast such a comprehensive list of features.

LPR (License Plate Recognition) Cameras

LPR, or license plate recognition cameras, are specifically designed to capture the license plate numbers of stationary or moving vehicles. Once used only by law enforcement to ticket speeders and moving violations, these cameras now help small businesses monitor their parking lots and loading docks.

With durable, weatherproof housing, LPR cameras are ideal for outdoor environments and can be mounted outside in discreet locations. They also include software that reduces headlight glare and provides crystal-clear resolution of license plates, even in harsh weather or high speeds. Select from analog, network IP, or HD-Over-Coax options to connect to your existing or new surveillance system.

Network Security Cameras

Also known as internet protocol (IP) cameras, network security cameras transmit data via a secured wireless network. Unlike traditional wired or analog systems, they require no cabling or extra wires for storage and operation. Instead, all they need is a wireless connection or a local area network.

Perhaps the most alluring aspect of network security cameras is their flexibility. You can mount them anywhere in your business and still receive a high-resolution picture in both real-time and on your storage device. Software included with network security cameras also allows you to view footage while you’re out of the office or on vacation.

With these business security monitoring solutions, you can ensure the safety and security of your business. And with a smaller price tag than outsourcing or a third-party company, you just might find a few extra dollars to invest in your business.

Texas Surveillance and Security provide business-grade security systems anywhere in Texas. We service the commercial and industrial sectors.

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