Business Surveillance at the Workplace

Business surveillance in the workplace is one of the most effective ways to protect your business. By installing a surveillance system, you not only protect your property, employees, and customers, but you also deter theft, improve productivity, enhance the customer experience, and save money over hiring security guards. If you’re thinking about a surveillance system for your business, read on to discover the best types of systems, the legality of them, and how you can lower your insurance costs.

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Common Workplace Surveillance Systems

The advent of modern technology has provided more surveillance and security solutions than ever. Depending on your needs and budget, you’ll find a streamlined surveillance system that caters well to your business. Some of the most common workplace surveillance systems include:

With low operational and installation costs, these systems provide the utmost safety and security for your business, customers, and employees, even when you’re away from the office or building.

Is Audio Surveillance Legal in the Workplace?

Many of the newer types of surveillance or security systems come equipped with audio thanks to small microphones installed in the camera. While audio surveillance may appear as a violation of privacy, the many state governments give this right to employers as long as the audio is for a legitimate business purpose and not used to commit a crime.

Some states have begun to clamp down on excessive audio surveillance at the workplace, requiring employers to gain consent from all parties who are being surveilled. In particular, Connecticut has passed laws that fine employers for using audio surveillance outside of normal business use. In addition, the secret audiotaping of certain types of meetings, such as labor unions and trade organizations, is strictly prohibited under federal law.

Must I Notify Employees of Any Surveillance Systems?

As long as the surveillance system is for legitimate business purposes, you may install it in the workplace, provided you alert all of your current employees. Once you have installed a surveillance system, you’re legally required by law to disclose the information to any new hires at your business.

That said, the law also prohibits where you may install surveillance systems. Employees must have a reasonable expectation of privacy, meaning you cannot install any video or audio surveillance systems in break rooms, bathrooms, or any other areas that are deemed private.

Insurance Savings with Surveillance Systems at Work

When you install a surveillance system at your business, you deter theft and vandalism by customers, employees, and outsiders, as well as providing evidence against potential lawsuits and liability. Another benefit of installing these systems is that you’ll save money on insurance. Many insurance companies provide a monthly discount on insurance premiums when you have a surveillance system.

In addition, the surveillance system acts as a deterrent, reducing the chances of filing a claim and increasing your premium. Make certain that you understand the specific surveillance requirements mandated by your insurance company to maximize your benefits and to purchase the ideal surveillance equipment.

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With an expertly installed and properly placed surveillance system for your business, you can reap a plethora of financial and production benefits. If you don’t currently have a surveillance system for your business, consider one. The security and safety of your business depend on it.

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