CCTV Solutions for Your Houston Business

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is a type of surveillance system that transmits a video signal to a remote location. As the most common type of video surveillance, CCTV offers a plethora of benefits compared to other types of security or surveillance systems. Not only does it protect your business from theft and vandalism, but it also provides security for your employees and asset and liability protection. Discover how a CCTV system can provide the security and surveillance solutions you need for your Houston business.

Analog vs. IP CCTV

The main difference between analog CCTV and IP (internet protocol) CCTV is how the system transmits video footage. Analog systems are a type of wired CCTV that record images and send them to a DVR via coaxial cables.

The DVR then converts the footage from analog to digital, compresses it, and sends it to an external output — most often a cloud-based storage system or an external hard drive.

Also known as a digital CCTV system, IP CCTV records images digitally. In most instances, these systems are wireless, allowing Houston business owners to put them in high-risk areas without the hindrance of wires. Using a network or internet connection, IP cameras then transmit this digital information to a remote location where it’s either stored or watched by a security guard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Analog CCTV Systems

The main advantage of an analog CCTV system is that it’s far cheaper to install and set up. Installation is simple enough for many business owners without a vast knowledge of cabling or storage systems. Despite the affordability and ease of installation, analog systems often have lower-quality footage and images, especially if they’re positioned a fair distance from what’s being recorded. Analog footage also lacks encryption capability, allowing third parties to see the footage if so inclined.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IP CCTV Systems

IP CCTV systems are becoming more popular due to high-definition video that can pick up even the most minute details such as a license plate or closeups of criminals. In addition, these cameras can often have a wider coverage area than analog systems, meaning that you’ll need fewer cameras to secure the entirety of your Houston business. Encryption and wireless capabilities come standard on IP systems, providing you with a streamlined and stress-free approach to storing your footage securely.

That said, IP CCTV systems aren’t without a few disadvantages. The equipment is often twice as expensive as analog systems, and because many are wireless, a professional is often required for installation. They also require a higher bandwidth and faster internet connection to capture higher resolution at a higher frame rate. A better resolution and a higher frame rate may also necessitate a larger storage system, as these files are much larger than analog-based footage.

Choosing the best CCTV system for your Houston business depends upon your needs and budget. Regardless of which system you choose, you can protect the people and assets that keep your business running smoothly.

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