Keep Your Business Secured While Slowing the Spread of Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak is hitting small businesses hard. Mandatory closures of businesses and shelter-in-place orders from the government, as well as mass panic and hysteria, have brought businesses to the cusp of financial ruin.

While the CARES Act has brought forth $349 billion in small business loans to offset the crisis, some business owners have another problem that many concerned citizens and the government can’t address: business security and surveillance.

Although most people are banding together during the pandemic, others are looking to take advantage of the lack of police presence and witnesses. Here are some ways for businesses to stay secure while maintaining their duty to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Remote Business Monitoring

Perhaps the only silver lining for businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak is that remote business monitoring has never been easier. Using internet protocol cameras (IP cameras), small business owners can monitor their business from home whether they’re currently closed, have operations deemed essential, or are open in a limited capacity.

IP cameras harness the power of the internet and a local area network to transmit video digitally to a server. Available for both indoor and outdoor use, these cameras only need an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection to function. Once connected, business owners can watch the footage in real-time or at some time in the future. Many of these cameras also have pan and zoom features that allow owners to see minute details or search other places around their facilities.

Not only do these cameras protect against property crime or theft, but they can also help owners monitor social distancing regulations between employees and customers to ensure the safety of patrons and workers throughout the store. Not only will businesses protect their assets, but they can also limit their liability.

What to Do If an Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19

As the spread of the virus hits its peak, many businesses are likely to have an employee that tests positive for Covid-19. If you’re a business with essential workers, you may have to deal with this scenario. When your employee comes to you with this information, calm their nerves with sympathy. Then, discuss the situation to see who they had close contact (within 6 feet) with.

While maintaining the confidentiality of the employee, send an email and make a phone call to tell all close-contact workers that their colleague has had a positive test for Covid-19. Make sure that all of these employees leave the workplace and enter a self-quarantine for 14 days, and follow up with emails or phone calls. This will protect your workforce, put your employees’ minds at ease, and slow the spread of the virus.

Immunologists and pathologists aren’t sure when the Covid-19 pandemic will subside. With dates ranging from a few months to a year-and-a-half, not even experts can ascertain when life will return to normal. While you can’t predict the future, you can ensure that your business remains secure throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. Hopefully, you can return to a profitable enterprise with your property and assets fully intact.

Body Temperature Cameras

Whether you’re an essential business or need to get ready to open back up. Safety measures must be implemented. Thermal imaging body temperature cameras allow you to check for temperatures without making contact. The temperature settings are controlled by you and this is a safe way to keep all employees and customers protected.

Contact us to discuss all the surveillance and security camera options including body temperature cameras that will help get America back to work safely.

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